Street lighting

Hamilton and Waikato • New Zealand

Corys Electrical supplied over 15,000 LED lighting fixtures to replace older street lights in Hamilton and northern Waikato after working closely with the customer on project design. Extensive testing was also conducted that eventually won over the local community. In addition to the products supplied, the company put in place ad hoc logistics to provide staggered delivery and dedicated after-sales service.

Cité du Vin (wine museum)

Bordeaux • France

To carry out this major project with partner firm Engie Ineo, Grands Comptes Aquitaine, a unit within Sonepar France, opted for custom logistics. On-site storage and delivery times were scheduled in advance, and the company even dispatched Traffic Managers to regulate product movements at Bordeaux’s wine museum. With everything planned down to the minutest details, the company was able to meet all deadlines for installing “smart” building components, including IT networks, power distribution cabinets, switchgear, circuit-breaker load terminals and backup power units.

New head office in Woodside

Perth • Australia

Pacific Datacom partnered with two large contractors and key vendors to supply all of the Communications Cabling, Racks and Data Center Cooling for the new Woodside Global Headquarters in Perth. The 32-level, 54,000 square meters tower houses the biggest on premise data center in Western Australia and presented many challenges having to be completed within an extremely tight delivery schedule. This was the largest single project ever undertaken by Pacific Datacom Perth.

Energy Lab 2.0

Eggenstein-Leopoldshafen • Germany

This lab at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) is devoted to the energy transition. In cooperation with the Jülich Research Center (FZJ) and the German Aeronautical and Aerospace Center (DLR), the lab has developed a smart platform, i.e., a network of installations connecting electric, thermal and chemical flows with digital technology. In 2018, Sonepar Deutschland will supply and deliver the power control panels for part of this ambitious program after conferring with the lab’s technical staff on scaling the equipment.

New children’s hospital

Helsinki • Finland

Scheduled to open in the fall of 2018, this eightstory complex with over 2,000 rooms, 12 operating areas and 16 intensive care units needed a single company that could offer sales force expertise, reliable operations, quality equipment, in-stock products, storage capacity and, of course, attractive pricing. SLO took up the challenge, conforming to a very demanding delivery schedule thanks to flawless logistics, drawing up lists of products appropriate to the project that could be ordered with a single click on the company webshop and supplying cutting-edge fiber-optic cables. And the results proved equal to the task.

Pengerang Integrated Petroleum Complex

Johor Bahru • Malaysia

For this mega-project housing oil refineries, petrochemical plants and a liquefied natural gas terminal, KVC Industrial Supplies has supplied a set of appropriate solutions with obvious advantages in terms of safety and solidity (e.g., grounding surge protection systems, network cables, steel fasteners and labeling), as well as a large number of electrical parts.

Tesla factory

Fremont, California • USA

For this ultra-modern three-story building with roughly 500,000 square meters of floor space for manufacturing electric car batteries, Codale provided a full spectrum of electrical products, including cables. In so doing, the company helped make this one of the most innovative auto factories in the business.

Union Station

Toronto • Canada

Sesco partnered with a large Canadian contractor on Toronto’s most significant subway station project, providing all the power distribution and lighting equipment. Sesco successfully met the challenge of filling the city’s largest public transit order to date.

Coop LoBos Halba factory

Pratteln • Switzerland

This was one of the biggest projects handled by Winterhalter + Fenner in the past two years. For a new factory to produce chocolate and wine for the Coop supermarket chain, Sonepar’s subsidiary supplied all the fixtures except for lighting. The 78,000 square-meter worksite employed 120 electricians working simultaneously. To make the back-and-forth movements of technical staff as smooth as possible, Winterhalter + Fenner arranged for five merchandise unloading points and additional deliveries (two a day).

Waste water treatment plant

Bello-Antioquia • Colombia

On what will be remembered as one of Colombia’s largest infrastructure projects in 2017, Melexa rose to the occasion, supplying all the lighting, cables, electrical equipment and automation solutions. The customer also had access to the company’s expertise and technical support, from the design stage to the ultimate choice of solutions.

District court

Paris • France

CGED drew on its extensive capabilities to equip this unusual building with 6,000 lighting fixtures. More importantly, the company distinguished itself from other suppliers through turnkey logistics. CGED staggered deliveries in several installments and provided continual support—from product installation to effective after-sales service.

Citizens Bank

Johnston, Rhode Island • USA

This project has kept NorthEast Electrical Distributors busy for three years now, providing a showcase for the capabilities of a company that won over the customer with end-to-end design of all the necessary electrical and lighting equipment. That achievement also demonstrated the subsidiary’s perseverance and hands-on involvement.

UAB “BIGSO” solar power plant

Ŝiauliai • Lithuania

At the construction site for this major solar power facility, SLO Lithuania successfully met special needs, preparing and supplying solar panels and a great deal of electrical equipment, solar inverters, photovoltaic modules and more. The company thereby contributed to the national energy policy goal of reducing carbon and methane emissions.

Amphia Hospital

Breda • Netherlands

This ambitious hospital project involved bringing together two previous facilities in Breda and adding a new building. Once again, Technische Unie demonstrated its extensive capabilities, supplying lighting systems and cable supports and above all managing all logistics at the site.

Ritz Hotel

Paris • France

Excel products (provided by Mayflex) were chosen to refurbish this famous luxury hotel, due to the company’s ability to provide a full range of top-quality products that met demanding specifications while preserving the character and history of the unique building. The Ritz manager claimed that the associated 25-year guarantee would give him lasting peace of mind. Mayflex also handled the logistics for this unusual project.

Boiler automation system at Fibria

Aracruz • Brazil

The world’s leading producer of eucalyptus pulp from planted forests needed to upgrade the system for managing the boiler at its Aracruz factory. That engineering and technological challenge was entrusted to Centelha, a Sonepar subsidiary that designed the project (converting the existing system to a cutting-edge integrated solution, creating pioneering network architecture, etc.) and provided a new solution for automating the huge facility.

Lighting for the Tramontina factory

Farroupilha • Brazil

At its renovated factory producing cooking utensils, cutlery and home appliances for exported to 120 countries, this Brazilian firm needed to update and overhaul its lighting system. That challenge was successfully met by Eletronor, which designed a new lighting project and supplied 242 LED fixtures. The aim was to offer better, and above all even lighting throughout the plant, cut down on maintenance needs and reduce power consumption. And all that was achieved. In fact, Tramontina has since decided to upgrade the lighting at its nine other factories in Brazil—two of them this year alone!

Golden State Warriors Stadium

San Francisco, California • USA

This major project was launched for the Golden State Warriors basketball team. IESwon out thanks to its record in the essential area of logistics and to all the services the company was able to provide.

Vålerenga Stadium

Oslo • Norway

For this new, 17,000-seat soccer stadium with a 15,000 square-meter school in Oslo, Otra Norge joined forces with Powertech to supply new lighting, sound and control equipment, forming a major set of electrical equipment and integrated, automated solutions. The company also provided its logistics expertise to the project.

Arturo-Merino-Benítez International Airport

Santiago • Chile

For the new international flight terminal measuring over 200,000 share meters, which will raise the airport’s annual capacity to 30 million passengers, Sonepar Chile provided a complete range of cables and met all the product, delivery, quality control and pricing specifications set by the customer.

Ericsson Aggregation project

Gurgaon • India

On this project for a key account in India’s telecommunications industry, ESK Telecomdelivered a made-to-order kit of products and technical solutions spanning all the necessary jumpers, fiber, power and installation equipment. The system has proved so convincing that it will now be recommended to other ESK customers.